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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sometimes I wished I weren't a woman

why do i say this??

other than the fact that i have to withstand and overcome the ordeal of menstrual cramp (which can be so painful tat u can't imagine if you are a man), the other trauma which i have to painfully go through is PMS.

PMS = Premenstrual Syndrome.

1-2 wks before the actual period, the hormones in your body screw up and sometimes you become a complete wreck. well, if not a "complete" one, u might still end up being a "partial" wreck. (by that i don't mean "partial" as in "fair". haha. not funny.)

i admit, sometimes i get depressed when i have PMS. i start thinking about the negative things in life. WHICH I ABSOLUTELY HATE. who loves being an annoying negative depressant??

you know how much i love to laugh and be a happy nut. but...

what can i say?


i hate my hormones.


sometimes i wished i weren't a woman. then i wouldn't have to go through all the pain, month after month, till menopause (which is perhaps 2 decades later).

so there you are, or here i am, 2 more decades to suffer. haha.

guess what i googled in the afternoon right before i blogged??

"Ways to Counter PMS"

seriously i cannot even believe that i'm blogging about my PMS.


i become emotionally unstable during PMS, as you can see.

and somehow i think only gals will understand.

for men who are simply clueless about PMS, read on.

What is premenstrual syndrome?

Premenstrual syndrome, or PMS, is the term used for the physical and emotional symptoms that many women have during the seven to 14 days before their menstrual period begins. Almost every woman will endure bouts of PMS at some point in her life, but for an unlucky few -- between 20 and 40 percent -- PMS is a monthly ordeal.

What are the symptoms?

PMS symptoms are so numerous and varied that looking at a rundown can be a little jarring. The good news is that few people experience all of them. Physical symptoms may include these:
•lack of energy, fatigue
•swollen, tender breasts
•abdominal bloating, cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation
•headache, back pain, body aches
•appetite changes
•swollen hands, feet, or ankles (due to water retention)
•dizziness, fainting
•joint or muscle pain
•flare-ups of acne, cold sores, genital herpes, yeast infections

Mental and emotional symptoms may include these:

•mood swings
•crying spells
•forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating
•memory loss or forgetfulness

What are the best ways to get relief?

You have a wide range of options, including these:

•Get moving. Studies show that physical activity helps to relieve PMS symptoms, perhaps by triggering the release of brain chemicals, including endorphins, which ease pain, relieve stress, brighten mood, and produce a sense of well-being. Exercise also relaxes muscles, which can ease aches. And it fights fluid retention, which can reduce bloating and breast tenderness.
•Try taking calcium supplements. An exciting new study suggested that women who took two Tums E-X tablets twice a day (which provided a total of 1,200 milligrams of calcium) had a noticeable reduction in PMS symptoms. Calcium's benefits didn't kick in until the third month, though, so don't give up if you don't feel better during the first cycle or two.
•Eat healthfully. Get plenty of complex carbohydrates such as whole grain breads, pasta, and cereal; and load up on fruits and vegetables. Unlike sweets, these foods provide steady energy and are high in fiber, which can curb cravings, since fiber-rich foods take longer to digest. Adding nuts, seeds, and soy products to your meals may also fend off PMS. These foods are rich in phytoestrogens (plant estrogens), which recent studies suggest may help adjust hormonal imbalances. Finally, avoid highly salted foods in the weeks leading up to your period (salt can cause you to retain water and feel bloated), caffeine (it's been found to contribute to breast tenderness and can exacerbate anxiety and irritability), and alcohol (it can trigger cravings and aggravate depression, headache, and fatigue).
•Take over-the-counter pain relievers. Aspirin and ibuprofen can relieve many of the bodily aches and pains that come with PMS.
•Talk to your doctor about taking other medications. If your symptoms are severe, ask your doctor if birth-control pills or antidepressants might be helpful. Oral contraceptives can even out fluctuations in hormone levels that cause symptoms. And studies show that the newer SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) drugs, such as Prozac, can effectively relieve both the emotional and physical symptoms of PMS in 75 percent of women. These medications work by increasing serotonin levels, possibly correcting neurotransmitter imbalances that seem to contribute to PMS.
•Get more sleep. Being stressed out or sleep deprived is likely to exacerbate many PMS symptoms, including aches and pains, moodiness, and irritability. Make sure you get plenty of sleep, and try relaxation techniques -- such as massage, meditation, or simply soaking in long hot baths -- as your period approaches.

extracted from: http://www.ahealthyme.com/topic/pms1

ok, i'm not gonna bore you with chunks of info.

what i'm trying to say is, we can't escape from PMS.


which is something we can't change.

I.E. no solution???

gals are warmly welcomed to leave comments and whine about PMS. i can definitely empathise on that.

for men who are STILL CLUELESS about what i'm blogging, it's ok. i don't blame you. one word of advice though, if you have a gf, and she has pms, and she flares up at you, and she becomes hysterical, pls forgive her and try to understand. it's not her fault.



At June 25, 2008 , Blogger YIJING said...

sama sama orlang la.
PMS really sucks.
for me..
i'll have the urge to search for chocolates/cakes..blah blah
which is so sinful.

chill and relax =)
but it's difficult.

i find what happens after PMS is more terrible though =/

chill smile and take alright? :D
see ya.
hehe.finally update again =)

At June 25, 2008 , Anonymous Eileen said...

This is so true!
I HATE PMS! The cramp are so shitty..

At June 25, 2008 , Blogger Seafood said...

We had same problem.
I having mood swing already plus easily angry.. My poor nephew must be thinking me(aunty) weird weird one as i can be angry easily which i normally wont.
WHEN PMS is here...
i start to think about my life...
I hate it too....
Life is like a bit meaningless.
Haizzz... Girls are so KE LIAN to go thru this...

At June 27, 2008 , Blogger Sharon said...

hi jia hui.. i actually heard from my fren tt drinking camomile tea for 1 week before the dae ur PMS starts will prevent the pain. she tried and said it works. i went to ask a doc and she sae this method actually works! mayb you can try it out? no harm afterall.

pss.. as advise from mum.. u said we should nt drink too much cold drinks. instead more hot beverage will help to prevent the pain in long run..

above is jus wat i heard.. is up to us to believe.. isnt it? =)

At June 27, 2008 , Blogger Aegon Boh said...

I do know girls have such things to go through, now i know much more about it... We guys only have army which is 2 years, and you all have to go through so much more... including pregnancy...
Hope you can be happier the days ahead.

At June 27, 2008 , Blogger Jing Rui said...

really sympathy the "thing" u r going through now...

i know the "thing" girls r going through r definitely more troublesome and suffering than guys,so to all guys: treat girls well!

anyway cheer up and be more optimistic, think about the good thing of being a woman and u will be happier alot!

At June 27, 2008 , Anonymous Pup said...


At June 29, 2008 , Anonymous Yun said...

this is better than the 'auntie' dont want to visit us isnt that? haha..

At July 01, 2008 , Blogger XiaOminG said...

undeRstAnd why Gals gEt Angry sOmetime Out Of thE bLue...

dONt think tOo much alsO~!
gO think Of pOstive thing anD nOt unhaPpy things!


At July 01, 2008 , Blogger sweetaudiodelights said...

thanks for all of ur concern. i'm reminding myself to be happy and learning to appreciate wat i have. =)

At July 02, 2008 , Blogger ranie said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At July 02, 2008 , Blogger ranie said...

hello jiahui jiejie,

hehe.. altough i hardly have cramps but whenever i have cramps. iwould start dancing or doing light exercise.. it really helps.. maybe u could try that next time and see if it works.. :)
take care & stay happy

At July 08, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is the time that guys shld be sensible and sentitive enough to juz shut up... only girls can leave comments! right? ;)


At July 08, 2008 , Blogger JuzRiDe said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At July 08, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha, woman problem!

At July 17, 2008 , Blogger rrainboww-89 said...

i agree with you jiahui!
Im also encountering it.
that toopid pms.
make my emotional,physical health aso not good lahs.
esp throwing my temper and the feeling of irritatness!
its so unbearable.
thanks for sharing tips on how to cope with it.
jiahui jiayous!!!

At July 29, 2008 , Blogger Yeo Jing Wen said...

Yeah... Although I'm only 11, I understand. I hate to say it. But, chocolates, chips, sweets and other sinful food are dangerous. Though I'm a practical twig that needs lots of fats to get me into normal shape of a healthy sporty girl, I still hate growing fat. Being fat is like getting depression and sometimes you can't control yourself when u see the food. So being a woman is hard. Especially if u get flabby thighs and shoulders... Bye!

At August 14, 2008 , Anonymous Zhi Hui said...

Jia Hui jie, i also have the same problem sianz... Although i am a girl, but i really hope to be a GUY!!! PMS really irritates me and i wonder if there is any cure for it. Anyway, I would sing and do some things that i like and i would guadually feel much much more better. Try it urself anyway dun be too upset. 我们只好认了吧!如果这是我们的命运我们也得接受了。不要在难过了。全天下的女人都是一样的。

At September 11, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you are not woman, you wouldn't have such a good voice. It is a blessing in disguise.

At September 21, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

try evening primrose supplements !!

At September 23, 2008 , Anonymous ~leaf-nic~ said...

tho i'm late...haha...
i'm having my period now...
damn torturing for the first and second day...
but luckily its during e weekends...
do take good care of urself...
especially ur throat...

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