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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm totally in love of doing insane stuff lately. Ok, "in love" may be too strong a description, but I do enjoy doing things on the spur of the moment, upon my very own decision and without the need or even the want of relying on someone.

I made my own decision to get a hi-fi, and lugged the big item all the way from the fair to the carpark which was a good ten mins away. And I actually enjoyed it.

I made tremendous changes to my hair length and colour twice, spontaneously, without consulting or telling anyone beforehand (other than my hairstylist of cos). And I felt damn good after that.

Perhaps these might seem insignificant to you.

But let's just put it this way.

I used to rely on my other half to suggest to me what tech/electronic item I shd buy and to lug it back home for me.

I used to ask ard for opinions, esp from my other half, whenever I felt like I want a change in my life. (And eventually, the "change" didn't even seem like one cos it seemed so much "safer" to let things remain the way they are.)

And oh, I insanely bought a book that was 2.5 inches thick when it was on sale last week. Did I mention that it's an English book? I can't even recall the last time I held an English novel in my hand, let alone to try to read one?! HA.

My point is, hmmm, what is my point?

I don't like to do prim and proper things. People expect me to. But now, I'm learning to do what I want to do.

I highly suspect that it comes with age, though I hate to admit it.

When you reach a certain age, you become more sure of yourself, and just want to lead a life which you call your own.

Enough of pleasing everyone. Haha. It's time to do what I want.

I'm not really the boring and predictable type of girl (though I'm not that wild either lah). And some people can't handle that. Hence, goodbye to those who expect me to conform to their standards. =P

Like I was telling my friend the other day, I actually take "weird" as a compliment. Somehow it just means that this person is different and unconventional. Aren't all the idiosyncrasies the exact things that make up an individual?

A unique person.


And we should definitely celebrate that. =) XOXO

Saturday, January 28, 2012








你知道吗?每当我想起那段日子,我都由衷的打从心底很想感谢一些人。(虽然我在上篇文章说过,“you know who you are", but somehow i would still like to name some names, cos perhaps you have no idea how impt you were to me at that point of my life).

GOH. 谢谢你在那个晚上“收留”了我。虽然你人生当中有了不一样的priorities, but i know how much you wan to be there for me.

T.X.L. you were always there when i needed you. i still remember you making calls to me on ur way home, despite being tired and hungry. And like u've said, i do hope it's e last time that i'm whining to u over such matters. 希望老天爷可以给我更好的一个人哦。

I.T. “患难见真情”的好兄弟!*hits chest* (yes, it's already flat, i know.)

B.T. 谢谢你陪我度过了“猖狂的岁月”。有了你的保护,我可以很放心。

H.X.L. u may not 100% understand my story, but u still made time and effort to listen to me, and that's what real friends are abt!

K.T. whenever i'm lost, u r one of the first few I would like to look for for guidance. maybe somehow i know how much you would like me to be myself, then yet not get hurt. it's not easy, i know, but i'm learning as life goes on.

to my dear friends, thank you for allowing me to be myself. somehow i thk that's the most important thing in life and the most important thing you can give in a r/s, be it friendship or whatever love lah.


if not for all for you, i might not have survived the ordeal. 我不想太肉麻,我只想说小女子铭记于心。=) aiya, u all know one lah huh~ muahahaha. =)

so after what had happened, I realised that friendship is very very important. And I finally do understand it better now that it's very important to be there for someone, at a particular point in time, be it a night or simply two hours, just to listen and share, and for all you know, you might change someone's life. 朋友真的不用多,有知心的三几个就已经是个blessing了。

so 2011 was a year full of the unexpected. after spending several mths to realise how impt friends were to me, 之后的下半年是忙于工作。是忙到那种连休息都不够的!但是,我却觉得莫名的开心。我得到了好久没体会到的满足感。当一个人决定寄情于工作时,总希望自己可以做得最好!其实,除了是希望可以转移重心外,也是希望可以体会到自己的价值吧!

工作得好开心!!!!!*好想大声地告诉全世界* =)



方大同:他已晋升为我最钟爱的男歌手。我已经数不清他的《15》专辑我到底听了几次了。*LOVE* 总有一天,我会特地飞到香港就为了出席他的演唱会。I think he's worth it.


u know how doing certain jobs gets u all driven and energized again?? their events made me so, and i do appreciate that too. getting the positive energy from them was unexpected, and i truly did enjoy myself. looking forward to more of such energy in the new year!

so what else was there in 2011 that i wanna share with you??

2011的愿望之一是要参与舞台剧。《回音》就给了我这难得的机会。从13岁演到36岁,而且是在短短的15分钟内要表现出“陈有音”的成长哦。很有挑战性!I like! 比较私密的心情故事,我就不分享了。还是要谢谢帮我突破瓶颈的朋友。还有来支持的朋友。u know how much this means to me.

what was also unforgettable was of cos the bday surprise that came on after the finale, which was one day before my bday. i had moved on to the side of the stage when suddenly, ivy came back on and led me back to the centre of the stage, and then the whole crew of《回音》came forward and sang me a bday song. 喜极而泣/感动落泪。

i couldn't control my tears on stage when they sprung the surprise on me. i'm not gonna show the ultra uglier pix, unless u have access to my hp. =P what i wan to share is: 这份惊喜来得太突然了。出其不意。当天表演最后一场时是带着依依不舍的心情的,总觉得五场演得不够啊!满脑子只想着演出,所以根本就没料到大伙儿会为我庆生。在舞台上,眼泪会那么“汹涌澎湃”除了因为感动和惊喜之外,更是因为我在我自己很喜欢的舞台上度过了我人生中很重要的一个生日。长这么大,第一次有那么多人为我庆生耶。

On the actual day, i called along my good friends and we went for a Jap buffet! =) Yes, I love jap food! And they bought me my fav cheesecake, upon my request. It's the best cheesecake ever! From Rive Gauche...if you would like to know. =)


And 2011 ended with a blast in HK - the most fantastic holiday ever! Which I shall post another time, when there is more time to share.

So, yup, this was the gist of my 2011. Basically, why did I feel so much to want to write something to summarise my 2011? I was really touched by the quote from "New Year's Eve".

"It's (The ball for the annual NYE ball drop at Times Square) suspended there to remind us before we pop the champagne and celebrate the New Year, to stop and reflect on the year that has gone by. To remember both our triumphs and our missteps - our promises made, and broken. The times we opened ourselves up to great adventures - or closed ourselves down, for fear of getting hurt. Because that's what New Year's is all about: getting another chance. A chance to forgive, to do better, to do more, to give more, to love more. And stop worrying about 'what if' and start embracing what would be. So when that ball drops at midnight - and it will drop - let's remember to be nice to each other, kind to each other. And not just tonight but all year long."

The quote touched me. 一年过去之后,我们应该充满着希望去迎接新的一年。Come what may. 我们总是能不断的成长,希望能蜕变成更好的人。=) 人生不就应该是这样吗?

And so, time flies, though I might have said it a zillion times. Before we know it, 2011 has passed, and we welcome 2012, and of cos the Dragon Year!

Had a lot of gatherings for the past few days, with family and friends.

My cousin and I, and of cos my lovely niece and nephew. Yes, i totally agree that my niece shd be a 童星...so cute lor!!

Speaking of which, if you love babies, pls go watch《龙众舞》。Regrettably, the photo here didn't do Baby Nigel justice, but he was totally ADORABLE in the movie!! 看了之后,也好想生一个!=p

As for myself, I was pretty...UGLY...when I was a kid. A visit to my ex-neighbour got me this! A childhood pix! The two taller ones were my大哥and二哥。The pair of twins则是还有保持联络的旧邻居,个子最小的就是我。真不知道我在腼腆些什么。。。pai say lah! Heehee...

And finally, 昨晚的农历新年聚会在我家举行哦!Here are the friends who have been keeping me sane and down-to-earth over the past years. 感恩啦!


Thursday, November 17, 2011



Still remembered my last blog entry on the auditions held in early Oct?? Before we know it, it's the finals this Sat! And of cos, I'll be hosting! This time together with another "JIA" - Xie Jia Fa!!

20 gals have been stringently picked out and have also undergone training to make sure that they showcase their most attractive side to our judges at the finals! These gals are pretty, and of cos, natural! 因为我们要寻找的是自然美!!;) And I've hosted the auditions too and realised that most of them are really confident!! Yes~~ always remember, confidence always works and makes you shine!! :)))) And a confident smile is definitely the best accessory for anyone!! =) Oh my, I feel so excited!! Muahahahahaaahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what can we look forward to together this wkn?? ;) Shokubutsu Endorser, Elvin Ng, will definitely be there, and other 帅哥s as well...muahahahhahahhahahahaha...Romeo Tan, Zhang Zhen Huan, Darryl Yong, and yes lah, our Jiafa can be classified as a 帅哥too lah...muahahahahaha.........这个星期六,我赚到了啦!!!!!不拿酬劳也没关系了。。。kekeke... *grinning from ear to ear*

I sure do hope our 20 beautiful finalists wun be distracted by the cute guys, for they have to be tested on their eloqence, and other areas...总之,一定要信心满满,临危不乱!=)


And we warmly welcome you to join us too! =) Now, click on the jpeg file above and scrutinise every finalist...who do you think will be the eventual winner????? Hhhheeeeeeeeeeeee.....(I can totally understand how stressful they are~) Come on down and guess the winner this Sat! If you have made the correct prediction, you could be walking away with $500 worth of prizes!!

Here are the details! =)


Date: 19 November (Sat)

Time: 4.30pm-7pm

Venue: Bugis Junction Level 1, Bugis Square

Cya soon! =) Yippee!!

Saturday, October 08, 2011


Are you a natural beauty?? :) If you are, I hope you have been shortlisted by us!!

For the past few wkns, we've been on the search for natural beauties! Gorgeous babes with 自然美!!我们派遣了独具慧眼的Shokubutsu团队环岛搜寻美女的芳迹!

So...you might have seen 伟彬 and 陈罗密欧 around Orchard Cineleisure, 佩芬 and 杨子文 at Marina Square, and me 嘉蕙 with 张振寰 at Plaza Singapura, and may I say this?? There're lotsa gorgeous gals in Singapore!! ;P *whistle whistle*

Wow!! Looks really fun and exciting right?? :)

There's over $8000 worth of cash and prizes to be given away!! The winner will walk away with:

- $3000 cash
- 1 yr free subscription of Singapore's No. 1 bestselling magazine - i-Weekly
- 1 yr free supply of Shokubutsu products
- A Canon Legria HF M41 camera worth $1449
- A chance to be the cover girl of 《i周刊》时尚封面!

Aaaaaawwwwwwww...If I'm eligible for participation, I'll definitely join!!!!!!! *sulk*

Nevertheless, it's still my ultimate honour to be involved in this wonderful event!! Not only will I get to meet beautiful gals (谁说女生不能欣赏女生??!!=P), I'll get useful tips as well on how to make myself MORE B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!!!!

Yes, it's the 《我i自然美》试镜活动 + "自然美"工作坊!i-Weekly Natural Beauty Workshop! It's an audition for the shortlisted pretty babes as well as a natural beauty workshop!

So how does it work?? How is it like?? Let me elaborate... ;)

Remember we've been in town to search for natural beauties?? We'll be shortlisting more than 40 beauties, and during this upcoming event, they'll compete against each other and the top 20 will enter the finals which will be held in mid November!

Other than that, it's also an event which you can participate too! How?????

You'll be receiving makeup tips from Greg-O, who will be imparting you with skills on how to achieve a natural/flawless look with your makeup products so that you'll look fresh and attractive! Yeah~!!!

Also, renowned celebrity stylist Steve Thio will enlighten you on the type of colours and style that'll bring out your personality and enhance your beauty! Wwwoooo~!!!

Wanna know how to capture the best shots on camera and video?? There'll be an instructor from Canon who will teach you just that!! And hey, that means more flattering and photogenic self-portraits made possible! Hehe...

What's more, you'll receive a free goodie bag and be pampered with tea and snacks as well! :)

Sounds like a marvelous way to spend a Saturday afternoon!! If you are already tempted, do grab a copy of i-weekly! Fill in the form, and fax or email to i-weekly! =) Seats are limited!! Registration ends on 12 October (Wed)!

And yes, I'll be hosting this event! So I'll cya at the i-weekly Natural Beauty Workshop! :)

Date: 15 Oct (Sat)

Time: 3-7pm

Venue: iluma, Main Atrium

Registration Fee: S$10

Special Appearances: Romeo Tan 陈罗密欧、Dawn Yeoh 姚懿珊

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Borsch Med Endorsement!

I'm very happy and incredibly honoured to be endorsing Borsch Med Premium Bai Feng Wan with Pearl 宝狮康精选珍珠白凤丸!=)

I've long heard of the benefits of Bai Feng Wan 白凤丸, especially how it helps to relieve menstrual discomfort...strengthening the body definitely can help to prevent menstrual cramp. It's so annoying and painful to go thru that every month...=( no man can ever understand the pain of menstrual cramp! =Z

So, I'm really really glad to be endorsing this health supplement for women...Thank you, Borsch Med! Hehe! And to kill two birds with one stone, one of the ingredients is pearl powder which is very very good for the skin! Pearl powder has whitening benefits, and that is ultra impt for me! *grins* Hehe...u know how much I'm into skincare. I mask a few times every week, eat lotsa birds' nest (i try to~ i try to~ =P) and i've even even set up a beauty blog! http://www.sweetbeautydelights.wordpress.com pls do visit and support! =) hehe!

I did the IMPT photoshoot two months ago, and here's some of the behind-the-scene pix!

Firstly, hairstyling and makeup to look right for the role!

Next, the phototaking! =) Look how serious the team is!

The makeup artist/hairstylist who's trying to make sure I look good for the photoshoot!

I'm working with 王缔聪大哥from Capital 958 for this! While I'm endorsing Bai Feng Wan 白凤丸, he's endorsing Lingzhi 灵芝丸!Heard it's really good too! =)

After doing the duo shoot, it's time to do my solo shoot!

Me and my Bai Feng Wan 白凤丸! Yeah! Haha!!!!!!

Making sure that look like a mature OL Office Lady!! Hehe!! I have a different image hor?? Heehee...

And if you've grabbed a copy of Straits Times and Shin Min Daily last week, I'm sure you've seen the latest print ad of me and 缔聪哥!I hope you like it! =)

Will be posting my solo pix soon too! =)

HK Holiday! (Part 3)

pai say lah~ have been too bz to update right after the second entry! but here goes! =)

went to the popular 镛记 in Central for its famous roasted goose despite the drizzle!


It's a whole day of fantastic food! Dinner was at SML @ Times Square 11/F. The highlight of the restaurant was that it serves its cuisine in 3 different sizes - Small, Medium and Large, hence the name "SML"! In order to try out a wider variety of dishes, J and I ordered everything in small sizes! I've forgotten the exact names of the dishes, but they were good! Yummy! Satisfying dinner! =) I will definitely go there again!

Don't they just look tantalising????? oh my, i miss SML already...muahahaha!!

And next, what's a trip to HK without experiencing the nightlife at Lam Kwai Fong? It was kinda crowded...headed to the slightly "quieter" pubs...haha! But well, of cos it was still noisy! =P And look at how sexy my friend, J, is?? Muahaha!

This is the view outside the pub tt I patronised. Was approached by some ang mohs/foreigners who wanted to be friends...and one of them even sent his female friend and conveyed the msg that he was wondering if i'm the special one...WHAT THE???!!! I shook my head and waved my hand vigorously and declared, "NO! NO! I'M NOT THE SPECIAL ONE!" =Z Yes, I was looking forward to 异乡艳遇 but not like tt lah!

Apparently, the pub opp with a long queue is frequented by many HK stars...wanted to try my luck and c if I can bump into any celebs there, but the queue is simply too long!

The next day, right before we headed to the airport, we shopped ard Causeway Bay and found a lil cafe along an inconspicuous corridor! 好特别哦!(P.S. yeah, that's my back view with my new hat!)

I miss HK already~~!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

HK Holiday! (Part 2)

继续享受!购物前,先解渴!There's no queue for HK 贡茶, unlike Singapore! Phew...

Tsim Sha Tsui is a good place for shopping! Other than Granville Road, we went to DNA - a shopping mall that has lotsa quirky stuff (as u can tell from e decor), but i din buy anything there...

Such a huge backpack! Scary!

For shopping, I'll recommend 利时大厦, near DNA, which is very much like Far East @ Orchard with lotsa lil shops, and u can get nice, affordable, trendy clothes, accessories and shoes...bought quite a lot of stuff there! But if u r looking for really affordable stuff, I'd say Argyle Centre in Mongkok is a good choice...(though I din go there this time round...hehe...)

And when you are along Granville Road @ Tsim Sha Tsui, be sure to try the famous 丰记正宗蛋仔饼!This particular store has been patronised by several celebs, including Sammi Cheng! And we were attracted by the aroma even when we were stores away! And indeed, it tastes really crispy and nice! The 蛋仔饼 in other stores seem tasteless and definitely, not aromatic...Thus this is highly recommended! And J and I missed it even days after...yummy!

Dinner at Knutsfurd Terrace! An alternative to Lam Kwai Fong if u r looking for pubs to chill out, and esp. nice restaurants! Had wanted to dine at Munch (highly raved according to some online sites), but the restaurant was fully booked! Must reserve a table the next time I visit HK! *determined*

Ended up at Paparazzi, an Italian restaurant, instead cos we were too tired from all the walking...ambience is pretty nice! but food-wise...i'd say it's just so-so... =P

After dinner, it's chill-out time! =) Visited a pub along the street that has TVs airing HK drama...I like tt! I feel like a Hongkie! Haha! And of cos, free strong wifi finally! Kept whatsapping and vibering my frens in Singapore! =P

In HK, it's really abt shopping and eating and drinking! Dessert at 许留山 b4 heading back to the hotel!

Going back to the hotel after a long day! I'm worn out!

While walking back, I bumped into my Khalil方大同in the MTR station...

My Khalil is holding his <15> concert from 25-27 August!! Shd I go back to HK for him?! *seriously deliberating*