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Monday, October 16, 2006

Haze Haze go away....

I seriously hate the haze. who doesn't? haha...

The haze came back today and reached a PSI index of 130+...

It affected me i think...I dun feel super duper well...Reminded me of the feeling that i had a week ago when i was down wif e virus.

I was walking to the carpark after hosting the noon shift today and i felt breathing was not as smooth as usual...I'm not sure not only me, a lot of ppl would have felt the same way if they were outdoors.

I'm a tad scared. What can i do to protect myself?

I guess the only thing u and me can do is to improve our immunity system.


after my parents were down wif e stomach flu...my 2 bros got it too.

wow...cos of me, the whole family gets affected. goes to prove how contagious this thing is...

talking about being strong, i think it's impt to be strong not juz physically, but mentally as well.

In life, we'll all come across plain mean ppl who try to make ur life miserable and after which, these ppl would gloat if they succeed.

i would say, go do something meaningful to society if u r so free.

i believe in karma.










At October 16, 2006 , Blogger Cloud0807 said...


At October 16, 2006 , Anonymous JaZzY™ said...

Jia hui!!!!!!! how come u nv host today de 弦歌寄忆? Sick again ar?? muz take care of urself.. now de haze is gettin more n more "thick"... drink more water kk??? Jia you!

At October 17, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

YUP, Yup Stupid haze .I do not even wanna go out. I look at the weather .AH!!!!!!!XIaN. But cool and bored .No school for 2 Days tis wk & no school for 2 days next week. AH!! dun wan 2 go out cos of the haze ? so listen 933lol from morning 2 nite!!!! My frend feel der same even hav haze and no haze but i thinx it so much diffrent lol.

Ya . U r rite ! why mux we harm PPL. Wish yr brothers get well soon lah!!!

Take care Dun get yrself sick 2 cos i wan 2 listen 2 yr voice at nite


At November 09, 2006 , Blogger obfuscate d said...

hi jiahui! i miss your voice on 933. why so many days not working and nobody mention about you?


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