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Friday, July 17, 2009

My Salsa Feature in I-Weekly!

pai say...=P dun have scanner...took these wif my camera phone...hehe...(got food recipe for u somemore...haha...)

(esp. for yvonne who's in aust and can't get to see me in action!)

if u love salsa, here's e website for u...http://www.dance-en-motion.com

i go there for salsa and soon, i'll be moving on to intermediate class! *fingers crossed*

btw if u r REALLY interested, salsa is not that tough...definitely manageable for most ppl...=)

thanks to my instructor gary, and meiwen and ealbert from i-weekly for the nice article and pix! =)


At July 20, 2009 , Blogger Eugene said...

hey dun4get mi lei i am the second de hor haha btw link u in my blog le haha so easy to view second ba haha^^ nice post too!

At July 20, 2009 , Anonymous leong said...

Wow, You Muo You Yang le..
Hehe.. Teach me soon! =D

At July 20, 2009 , Blogger Ranie Pang said...

you look damn cool in those poses :D
I am also taking intermediate class now hee :p next time can dance together ;) heheheh :p see you soon =)

At August 02, 2009 , Blogger breadpig said...

halo jiahui :) when will u be doing night shows again?sad to say i alw hear ur progs at nite til u changed to morning shift.i realised e first time i called in yes933 u are the dj tt pick up my call :) i thought it was wu xu ma li then.hehe i like ur bubbly character on air :)

At August 09, 2009 , Blogger sweetaudiodelights said...

hi breadpig, i saw ur comment! thanks so much for supporting my prgm! i had fun tat time interacting wif listeners at night...very at ease...and very comfortable...but my mum hates me doing night shifts...she says tat the lifestyle is so screwed tat it'll affect my health...true lah, 日夜颠倒is really bad for health...

At August 11, 2009 , Blogger SuperHappyGirl said...

WAH!!! you look so hot!!!


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