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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Taiwan Pix!

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  • for clearer, bigger and more pix too! Hehe!

    This was taken at Jiu Fen! The famous Ah Po Yu Yuan aka yam balls!

    me outside eslite (cheng pin) with Taipei 101 as the background! Can see me anot???


    At November 16, 2006 , Anonymous YiEn said...

    Can see you ... The taipei 101 background is cool, so nice ...

    At November 16, 2006 , Blogger JaNeT said...

    LOLX.. the photo so big, u look so tiny in it.. But still can see u lar.. =X

    At November 16, 2006 , Blogger AhKai said...

    cool ^^

    At November 17, 2006 , Blogger rockgal94 said...

    off couse can c u. Taipei 101 very high.

    At November 17, 2006 , Anonymous michelle said...

    hi jiahui, just tune in to your night show and happened to hear u read a article written by a malaysian blogger about being your ownself. i find it meaningful and wonder are u able to share the article? ^^

    At November 18, 2006 , Blogger 0cean!ce said...

    Taipei is cool
    I love the chicken cutlet(鸡扒) there!

    At November 18, 2006 , Blogger sIhuI said...

    hey jiahui!in response to your previous post abt what to put on your blog, here's something u can check out! http://www.imood.com/.. can reflect your mood for the day. quite cool de. :))

    At November 19, 2006 , Anonymous ting said...

    haha ...U should take in the day ..i took in the day very clear leh the building ! haha !!
    Did you take at NEW YORK NEW YORK ? haha ...waitIng fOr mOre fotOs..

    Jux mIss the ZHA JI PAI !!!

    At November 19, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    hello jiahui :) just dropping by to say that i like ur xing fu xiao xin xiang item on 933! reminds me of the previous shuo shuo er yi done by lingzhi. anyway, jiayou for ur programme okie? :)


    At November 21, 2006 , Anonymous chengkeat said...

    This blog let me think of 石欣卉's new song: 从台北到北京。。。。。。。。

    At November 22, 2006 , Anonymous -BARBIIE said...

    Wow. Hope you enjoyed your trip in Taiwan.
    I'm going to Taiwan this thursday.
    Any places to introduce?

    At November 22, 2006 , Anonymous Billy said...

    nice scene with pretty DJ...:P

    At November 26, 2006 , Blogger sweetaudiodelights said...

    thanks kairu. =) feel free to contribute any articles to xing fu xiao xin xiang ok? thanks!

    At December 13, 2006 , Anonymous -Charissa said...

    Moishi Moishi! JiaHui jiejie, you went Taiwan arh? So fun right? I went too! Oh yea. Go my blog and see my Taiwan pics. Got go hot spring anot? And also got go ShihLin Night Market?


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