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Friday, July 22, 2011

I Am Back!

Yes, it's been a while since I last blogged...

Hmmm...let's juz put it this way...

My life for the past 1.5yr has been a lil different...kinda can be made into a movie or mini-drama (or at least in my opinion)...yes, it's that dramatic. To the extent that I couldn't even believe it myself. But then things just happened and I've learnt to embrace and go with the flow. It's kinda similar to when u r in rocky waters - the more u try to resist the strong waves, the more drained u become... On the contrary, the more relaxed and open-minded u r, the more energy u'll conserve; and when the waves bring u to places tt u've nv been to, u'll then actually have e energy to observe, appreciate and react.

"It's better to know and be disappointed than to never know and always wonder."

I have no more regrets in my life (at least I can proudly say tt thus far). And I'm actually pretty cool abt it. A big THANK-YOU to all my frens who have been with me all this while. U know who u r, so i'm not gonna name names. =P Thanks for being there for me when I needed you e most...Pai say abt the countless msgs, calls, etc ah, hehe...Thanks for hanging out with me at those places when I needed to whine...And thanks for having me over at your places...These are frens whom I'll gladly 两肋插刀 for...

I've always been a lil weird. Or to put it in a more PC way, "every individual is unique". Hence, of cos I do have my lil idioscyncracies and I'm always a weird mix of rationality and sentimentality. It's really not easy to define who or what I am (though sometimes I do believe that my frens would have a clearer idea on tt) =P, but I aso do believe that that is exactly what makes me special, and I shd be proud of tt. (If u r a lil "weird" by ur definition, u ought to be proud of tt too!) 人时时刻刻都在变, u'll never truely know who u r, cos u r constantly changing...there is no
标准答案, hence is e ans really tt impt? What I feel is that as long as u generally know what is impt to u, and tt u r steering in a positive direction, 那就够了。

And it's impt to have一颗善良的心。

I'm glad that the ppl ard me r mostly nice and kind ppl, and one thing for sure, no matter which stage of life I am in, I AIM TO GET RID OF ALL E 脏东西 IN MY LIFE. By 脏东西, I refer to the negative energy and ppl, etc. My motto in life: Know what is good and what is bad for you. Keep the good and definitely get rid of the bad! Go away, 脏东西!! YUCKS!!

"Life is never meaningless, because for everything you do, there'll be a goal, an effect, a consequence. These endings help us to understand things at the end."

I'm really happy that I've made quite a number of good frens along the way. 患难与共。多谢,朋友。=)


At September 06, 2011 , Blogger HuiYunばぢづだぢや said...

JiaHui ,
u re positivem ,man!!
Iglad 2 hear dat u hav survive and beaten the odda
dis post is inspiring and positive wor ,
n nda motivatin...
thanks fer sharin


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