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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Borsch Med Endorsement!

I'm very happy and incredibly honoured to be endorsing Borsch Med Premium Bai Feng Wan with Pearl 宝狮康精选珍珠白凤丸!=)

I've long heard of the benefits of Bai Feng Wan 白凤丸, especially how it helps to relieve menstrual discomfort...strengthening the body definitely can help to prevent menstrual cramp. It's so annoying and painful to go thru that every month...=( no man can ever understand the pain of menstrual cramp! =Z

So, I'm really really glad to be endorsing this health supplement for women...Thank you, Borsch Med! Hehe! And to kill two birds with one stone, one of the ingredients is pearl powder which is very very good for the skin! Pearl powder has whitening benefits, and that is ultra impt for me! *grins* Hehe...u know how much I'm into skincare. I mask a few times every week, eat lotsa birds' nest (i try to~ i try to~ =P) and i've even even set up a beauty blog! http://www.sweetbeautydelights.wordpress.com pls do visit and support! =) hehe!

I did the IMPT photoshoot two months ago, and here's some of the behind-the-scene pix!

Firstly, hairstyling and makeup to look right for the role!

Next, the phototaking! =) Look how serious the team is!

The makeup artist/hairstylist who's trying to make sure I look good for the photoshoot!

I'm working with 王缔聪大哥from Capital 958 for this! While I'm endorsing Bai Feng Wan 白凤丸, he's endorsing Lingzhi 灵芝丸!Heard it's really good too! =)

After doing the duo shoot, it's time to do my solo shoot!

Me and my Bai Feng Wan 白凤丸! Yeah! Haha!!!!!!

Making sure that look like a mature OL Office Lady!! Hehe!! I have a different image hor?? Heehee...

And if you've grabbed a copy of Straits Times and Shin Min Daily last week, I'm sure you've seen the latest print ad of me and 缔聪哥!I hope you like it! =)

Will be posting my solo pix soon too! =)


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