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Thursday, September 01, 2011

HK Holiday! (Part 3)

pai say lah~ have been too bz to update right after the second entry! but here goes! =)

went to the popular 镛记 in Central for its famous roasted goose despite the drizzle!


It's a whole day of fantastic food! Dinner was at SML @ Times Square 11/F. The highlight of the restaurant was that it serves its cuisine in 3 different sizes - Small, Medium and Large, hence the name "SML"! In order to try out a wider variety of dishes, J and I ordered everything in small sizes! I've forgotten the exact names of the dishes, but they were good! Yummy! Satisfying dinner! =) I will definitely go there again!

Don't they just look tantalising????? oh my, i miss SML already...muahahaha!!

And next, what's a trip to HK without experiencing the nightlife at Lam Kwai Fong? It was kinda crowded...headed to the slightly "quieter" pubs...haha! But well, of cos it was still noisy! =P And look at how sexy my friend, J, is?? Muahaha!

This is the view outside the pub tt I patronised. Was approached by some ang mohs/foreigners who wanted to be friends...and one of them even sent his female friend and conveyed the msg that he was wondering if i'm the special one...WHAT THE???!!! I shook my head and waved my hand vigorously and declared, "NO! NO! I'M NOT THE SPECIAL ONE!" =Z Yes, I was looking forward to 异乡艳遇 but not like tt lah!

Apparently, the pub opp with a long queue is frequented by many HK stars...wanted to try my luck and c if I can bump into any celebs there, but the queue is simply too long!

The next day, right before we headed to the airport, we shopped ard Causeway Bay and found a lil cafe along an inconspicuous corridor! 好特别哦!(P.S. yeah, that's my back view with my new hat!)

I miss HK already~~!!!!!!!!


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