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Thursday, November 17, 2011



Still remembered my last blog entry on the auditions held in early Oct?? Before we know it, it's the finals this Sat! And of cos, I'll be hosting! This time together with another "JIA" - Xie Jia Fa!!

20 gals have been stringently picked out and have also undergone training to make sure that they showcase their most attractive side to our judges at the finals! These gals are pretty, and of cos, natural! 因为我们要寻找的是自然美!!;) And I've hosted the auditions too and realised that most of them are really confident!! Yes~~ always remember, confidence always works and makes you shine!! :)))) And a confident smile is definitely the best accessory for anyone!! =) Oh my, I feel so excited!! Muahahahahaaahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what can we look forward to together this wkn?? ;) Shokubutsu Endorser, Elvin Ng, will definitely be there, and other 帅哥s as well...muahahahhahahhahahahaha...Romeo Tan, Zhang Zhen Huan, Darryl Yong, and yes lah, our Jiafa can be classified as a 帅哥too lah...muahahahahaha.........这个星期六,我赚到了啦!!!!!不拿酬劳也没关系了。。。kekeke... *grinning from ear to ear*

I sure do hope our 20 beautiful finalists wun be distracted by the cute guys, for they have to be tested on their eloqence, and other areas...总之,一定要信心满满,临危不乱!=)


And we warmly welcome you to join us too! =) Now, click on the jpeg file above and scrutinise every finalist...who do you think will be the eventual winner????? Hhhheeeeeeeeeeeee.....(I can totally understand how stressful they are~) Come on down and guess the winner this Sat! If you have made the correct prediction, you could be walking away with $500 worth of prizes!!

Here are the details! =)


Date: 19 November (Sat)

Time: 4.30pm-7pm

Venue: Bugis Junction Level 1, Bugis Square

Cya soon! =) Yippee!!


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