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Friday, January 30, 2009

For Anonymous...

this is rare, but this blog entry is esp for one "anonymous" who left a comment on my previous blog entry asking me wat course she/he shld take cos she/he hopes to make a right decision. and so, here's my ans. hope it helps. =)

i chose mass comm in ngee ann poly. and it was one of the best decisions i've made in my life. it's very tough, but it made me learn and grow. it's most impt to find a course which u r interested in. if it doesn't interest u much, u wun find urself willing to put in effort for it. for my case, i picked wat i wanted and gave it my best. i told myself, if my english isn't as good as my fellow coursemates, i will put in double e effort. if it takes them one hr to finish an assg, then i'll spend 2 hrs. tat's how i survive and eventually thrive in my mass comm course. i'm glad i graduated wif flying colours.

i think first of all, ask urself, wat is ur interest? is there something tat helps u develop tat? find sth tat u love k? =) ganbatte!

Monday, January 05, 2009

2009 Resolutions!


一直觉得最重要的莫过于健康快乐。如果你年纪很小,或许你不了解其中的重要性。it took me a while to realise its importance too. 但是如果你已超过20岁,且经历了人生中足以改变你的重大事件,那么相信你的想法不会离我的甚远。

1) finish my salsa beginner 2 course and embark on my salsa intermediate and complete salsa intermediate 1 by end of the year.

2) time to learn some dishes...人总要吃的嘛。learn some simple ones bah. juz to ensure i master the basic skills and continue from there...

3) have a higher EQ...不要再得罪人了。

4) improve on my acting skills. (p.s. this has nth to do wif no. 3. haha!) i've acted in tv series 《小孩不笨》,电影《鬼啊鬼啊》,电影《大喜事》,广播剧 《名牌女郎》and 广播剧《215的约定》。and i'm sure i can do a good job in this area. hope i can 发挥 more in 2009! one way to brush up my acting skills is to watch more good acting!《溏心风暴之家好月圆》,here i come!

5) be happier! i wanna wake up everyday feeling positive!

6) be healthier! which means more exercise and i wanna build up my strength and stamina. any suggestions how to do this??

will add on whenever i thk of more. tell me abt urs k?? then we can remind one another from time to time that we shld stick to our goals! ganbatte ne!

MOST IMPORTANTLY, BE HAPPY AND HEALTHY! 人生的快乐掌握在自己手里!要有信念,世界是美好的!

Saturday, January 03, 2009


新年快乐! enjoy! =)

u can aso visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52gIqPu2qf0 for better resolution of the MV. pls aso spread e link to ur frens if u like it k? =) happy new yr!