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Sunday, December 10, 2006

MDAS X'mas event!

it was a meaningful event. raising funds for MDAS!

check out
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  • for a personal update! =)

    i hope u guys have enjoyed urselves if u had been there!

    if u were not there today...oops...WHY?! =...(

    anyway if any one of u has pix of me taken at e event today, can email me @ xiange@mediacorpradio.com??

    cos i din take any pix! =P


    Thursday, December 07, 2006

    Birthday Presents!

    wow man...i can't believe i actually received more gifts than ever this yr...even though u might feel they r not "A LOT" if u go thru my list later, but i'm contented. =)

    birthdays have never ever been SUPER BIG DAYS for me. i'm happy enuff if my close frens bother to offer to celebrate wif me. been feeling depressed b4 my bday for a specific reason but my family and frens compensated for tat loss. hehe...

    1) bag charm and bracelet from my BEST FREN - i converted e bracelet to a hp chain cos it was kinda loose for me. (i'll remember u whenever i c my hp, dear!) hehe...Had dinner at my fav Jap restaurant...Crab Hotpot. Oishii Ne~!!!

    And her sister is very kind to make me a pair of earrings! and my best fren's bf gave me a pillow wif a pig-head face! HAHA! i'm not a pig though i behave like one sths (according to my mum!)!! HAHA! so nice of them lor...=)

    2) Ang Bao from my er ge. (first time ever man!)

    3) Dinner treat from my da ge at my fav pasta restaurant! I love my fettucine with slipper lobster! and earrings from the new member of my family - my da sao!

    4) hello kitty and a bottle of folded stars from 933 listeners. thanks everybody! very nice of u all!

    5) cake and necklace and surprise from my 933 frens!

    6) a super kawaii t-shirt wif 2D furry terry bear in front. cute!

    7) A couple of T-shirts from another fren. Why do i say "couple"? Cos it's sup to be 情侣装!The guy's t-shirt reads "The Key to", while the gal's t-shirt reads "unlock my heart".


    yeah man, thanks yvonne! i'll look for e owner of tat "key" t-shirt! haha!

    8) sunflower from my good fren. together WIF......A CAMERA TRIPOD! tat's really a surprise for me! i was juz casually asking my fren how much a tripod stand is , and he went to get it for my bday! Thanks!

    9) 12 pink roses from a listener...haven received flowers on my bday for a long long time...thanks man!

    and this yr, i've received well wishes via sms from quite a number of frens and colleagues! thanks everyone...even though it's juz an sms, i truely appreciate tat. =) and of cos not forgetting e smses from listeners as well. thanks for remembering! i'm already very grateful tat so many ppl rem...=) *touched*

    It's been a pretty good bday. thanks to all! =)

    actually this yr is kinda e first yr tat i nv really specify wat i wan...in e past, when i was juz a student, of cos i can't afford quite a lot of stuff. thus, we gals back in schooldays, would be looking forward to our bdays when we can ask our frens to buy us nicer gifts cos a number of them will pool in e money.

    as i grow older, i dun long for tat anymore...nothing matters to me more than to have cosy chats over dinner wif my close frens on my bday. i'm not e go-out-to-party/organise-big-parties kinda gal.

    if u ask me wat i wan this yr, i would say "gimme a surprise leh..." this yr is slightly diff (in all sorts of ways). and i left everything to them...i juz wan cosy chats wif my close frens every yr...as long as they are willing to spend time wif me, i'm glad enuff. =)