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Friday, December 26, 2008

Marina Barrage!

went to marina barrage in mid-nov...but i took 1 mth to blog abt it! =P pai say...was bz enjoying life...celebrating bday and xmas...muahaha...finally at home today (on a fri night) and not feeling tired leh...so decided to share wif u e pix...=P

it's a pretty nice place...lighting is quite colourful...it's a nice place to take a walk if u feel like relaxing...oh, there's a "little" slope in e centre of marina barrage where u feel u r at e peak of the area and it's the oni place where u can see only the sky wif no barriers (i think...can't c clearly at night leh)...however, i have to specify, it's oni from a CERTAIN angle where u feel the scenery is great...from other angles, it's just so SINGAPORE lor...was wondering though, how the scenery will be like in e day when e sun is out...i'm sure it's vastly different...will check out marina barrage in e daytime when free...provided that i m really free lah, cos it's not very accessible...hehe...

i guess u can understand y it's e same angles...it's at night!!!!!! thus these are the oni slightly lit-up places for photo-taking...=P

My long-awaited Birthday blog entry!

thanks for the bday wishes from my blog readers and 933 listeners! i saw every one of ur well-wishes...arigatou! =)

went to shangri-la for dinner buffet on my bday...ate till i was bloated...$68 per person on a fri night...not cheap leh...

check out the desserts! =)

Merry Xmas! =)

how was ur xmas?? =) i've received quite a number of nice presents this yr! a colleague of mine, andy, who knows how much i love 炎亚纶gave me a《霹雳MIT》DVD set. isn't it nice of him?? hehe...

was at PS on xmas eve...nice decoration...took some pix...here's one of me and the meh-mehs...=)

hope u had a great xmas too!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I Like This Photo~ =)

was on the Sheng Siong Show on Sat (29 Nov) and I went to Jeric @ Bugis to style my hair prior to that...

asked the hairstylist to give me a short hairstyle...so here it is...hehe...she tied my long hair up and hid in behind the bob...and gave me curls for my short hair...i like it. =)

actually, i really like the overall feel of this photo...hehe...=P

It's My Birthday!!

times flies...it's the time of the year again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


two days more...hehe...

got the first bday gift of the year from my bro and sis-in-law on sunday...so happy!

check this out! very nice packaging hor??

guess what it is??

Estee Lauder Pleasures~gives u the little pleasures in life~!!