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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


i finally have the time to blog! was extremely bz wif radio production (drama), etc, for e past 2 wks...

i'm currently doing a kids tv variety show called "我的超级便当". The first season was done by my very pretty friend Ezann Lee and Ben Yeo. For this second season, it's me working with Ben Yeo. It's a prgm whereby two groups of two kids learn to prepare a certain dish and actually get to cook the dish all by themselves during the actual shoot. i'm a bit pai say that i can't help much...I REALLY DUNNO HOW TO COOK!!!!! 我真的不会煮!我只有一张嘴!know how to talk talk talk only! it's much easier to comment and explain things than to really get hands-on on the food preparation/cooking etc...

had fun last wk with yixuan and meixuan...though we din win eventually, it was actually fun working with them!

hmmm, i only look a few years older than these two 11-year-olds right? ok i admit, other than the cutie ponytails, it's my height that makes me look like a kid. 有些11岁的小孩儿都长得比我高!!!!!好丢脸!!!!!!!!

that day, we went to a food court for lunch, and the 3 of us were walking around to see what food stirs our appetite. at one point, we made our moves to different stalls and i stopped in front of a 猪杂汤stall...the stall asst asked "小妹,要吃什么?" i tot it was ok...but when i went back again to get soy sauce, she asked again, "小妹,你要什么?" the way she offered help made me realise that maybe she thought i'm a sec school kid leh!!!!!! i dunno if i'm overly sensitive...but it could be true! maybe she thinks i'm around my team members' age! *faints*

i'm not gonna whine abt "为什么我长得这么矮????!!!!!", i seriously dun think it's gonna help. instead, i shall ask "我要到哪里才可以找到舒服的高跟鞋???!!!!"

since there's no way i can change my height (i'm definitely not gonna 打断脚骨and get an iron extension), so might as well accept this fact and find a solution, i.e. comfy heels.

and allow me to console myself that at least i'll still look young when i reach 30, 35, 40, etc...maybe i'll look like my children's 大姐 instead of 妈妈 in the future. MUAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! *安慰*

ok, while i can look like i have yet to gone thru puberty...-_-

i can aso look like a 真正的女人 k??????

was out drinking on good friday...i haven gone drinking for more than a year! miss the fun...i dun go drinking often lah...but chilling out occasionally definitely makes me relaxed (i really needed to let my hair down this mth!)...difficult to capture the light in a pub...there's only candlelight! (romantic sia...heehee...)