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Friday, May 02, 2008

i'm finally back!

after a long wait, i'm finally back wif a pix of myself in my fav corner of my room!!! YEAH!!!

pai say pai say...was MIA for a while...finally installed a software to edit my pix so tat i can put up more pix in e future...

one reason for e lack of pix is tat...I'VE GAINED WEIGHT!!! was terribly upset for a couple of months...i tot i look horrible in most pix, thus NONE OF E PIX WAS "QUALIFIED" TO BE PUT ONLINE...=P

i thk i ate too much...=P

can't help but keep eating and eating...i dun understand why i m such a glutton!!

anyway, i'm trying to ctrl my diet now...eat less lor...(though i know my stomach always has room for more...hehe...)

hmmm, let's c, wat else can i update u abt?? =)

anyone wans to teach me how to do this well??? i'm contemplating to learn cooking...well, i always say i wanna learn sth but it seems that i always 半途而废~~~*sings Faye Wong's version of e song*