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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

SHA 08

my fav part of the whole night...=)

New Hair Colour (AGAIN)!

update of hair colour...much darker now...long story...anw hope this new colour suits me too...=)

The dude beside me is Ananda Everingham...male lead of "Shutter", "Leap of Love", "The Coffin". Hosted "The Coffin" gala and took the opportunity to take a pix...the movie opens in cinemas on 30 Oct. So if u are a fan of horror movies, this is a choice for u. =)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Hair Colour!

Thanks for e ur compliments with regards to my role in 《215的约定》! And thanks to those who left me comments telling me to blog more! hehe...actually i do check every other day...it's more motivating to update more when i c more ppl leaving comments lah...heh..which means leave more comments for me k???!!! MUAHAHAHA!!!

anyway the objective of this blog entry is to show u my NEW HAIR COLOUR!! can u tell e difference??

eerm, it's sup to be of a lighter shade, and more matte. if not obvious, nehmind lah...hehe...juz wanna noe if anyone can tell e diff...=P

P.S. btw if anyone has any pix of me at events or sth, feel free to send me k? cos i usually dun have pix of myself at events...go event alone, can't possibly take out my camera in public and take myself right?? =P thanks in advance!!

Monday, October 06, 2008


Someone called me "evil bitch" juz from looking at the poster...

...............................thanks ah. *rolls eyes*


i'm in e latest issue of U-Weekly! The one with 吴尊 with e flowery shirt on e cover!

it's about my latest role as 郭颖蓁, the villain, in 《215的约定》...it's really not ez to act as e villain...u can oni display ur emotions thru ur voice...not like on tv, where e actress has the outfit and body language to express e "evilness" as well...

i sincerely hope u like my role in 《215的约定》...=)

anyway, this pix was taken when U-Weekly came to my house...same outfit as in the magazine itself...

and my home decor feature on U-Weekly will be out anytime soon too...stay tuned! =)

5.0 Megapixel!!

yeah!! got my new hp wif 5.0 megapixel!!

it's amazing how a hp can malfunction or start having probs every 2 yrs...i.e. when e contract is up. for two of my hps, e keypad started having probs from e 21st mth and worsened into e 23rd mth...

so i got myself a new hp. it's not terrific, but it's more than good enough for a light user like me.

i admit, i m narcissistic. thus wif my new CAMERA hp, it simply translates into more self portraits!!!

e first pix of myself on e night i bought my hp...=)