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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Coco and Brenda!!

my fav team on 《我的超级便当》so far!

tat's coco on e left and brenda on e right!

especially clicked with coco cos she has e kind of personality trait which i like. 干脆利落。不婆婆妈妈。cool gal!!

coco and brenda will be appearing in the 8th episode! watch out for these 2 cute gals k?? =)

btw e 3rd ep will be on tis sun at 10am! stay tuned! =)

Yum Yum!!

kway chup at serangoon garden way! nice nice!

definitely worth a try other than e one at toa payoh...=)

P.S. i love e intestines in kway chup...

Friday, June 05, 2009

Sheng Siong Show every Sat 8pm!

not sure if u r aware...i've been tasked to watch cute kids singing and dancing on a regular basis...i'm a judge of 《缤纷万千在升菘》!

jiafa and i have been taking turns to be involved in the judging...to e team, thanks for inviting us! =)

so most of e time, i'm responsible for my styling - outfit, hair, make-up, etc...it can be fun but it aso can be 伤脑筋! Having to brainstorm and look thru my wardrobe for e perfect look on a regular basis...=P but well, as u noe, gals simply love dressing up! (no matter wat occasion it is for...hehe..)

i'm tasked to appear for 6 eps, and so far i've been to 4...tis is one of e best looks so far? =P

P.S. btw tat's a poster of ayumi hamasaki above me...