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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I Love Food!

I love food...those who really know me well would have known how much i eat...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE jap food and chinese food...crystal jade is one of the chinese restaurants i frequent and this is one of my fav dishes...凉瓜排骨。pork ribs with bittergourd in black bean sauce...i finished this and a bowl of 皮蛋瘦肉粥 all by myself a few days ago...YUM YUM.

like my fren has said, this is definitely not a photogenic dish...but well, i still love it.

my porridge and i...(btw this was taken on another occasion when my fren n i ordered exactly e same food a few wks ago...can tell how much i like them right??? WAHAHA!!!)
i normally eat quite healthily but i always succumb when i c this...肥猪肉!!!不肥我还不爱吃呢!吃!!!吃!!!吃!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

迷路兵 Autograph Session@Jurong Entertainment Centre

for those who support MLB, rem there's another autograph session this sat 28/7 3pm @ Bukit Panjang Plaza!!! =)

i can't rem wat i said and y i was so happy...but yeah, i like this. =) hehe...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Aussie Part 3 - Memories

in tangalooma...wif the pelicans behind me...

one of my fav kids from e trip...rio...3 years old...super cute!!! calls me "jiahui jie jie" everytime he sees me!

lovable zoey and her bro...

zoey's dad managed to capture this funny pix in dreamworld...i look hilarious!

at movie world...tat's a gingerbread man in my plastic bag...from SHREK. super funny gingerbread man. show u all next time...=)
austin powers...yeah baby yeah...

nice frens who accompanied me to dinner @ a cantonese restaurant near our hotel after the gala dinner...they had a nice buffet dinner during dinner time...while i was too busy working (hosting e gala dinner) to have a proper dinner...this was ard 12++ at night...shopping centre is closed. everywhere aso got ang mohs loitering ard...we took this pic at a quieter place and then went back to e hotel to sleep...me too tired after work...=P

Monday, July 16, 2007


This Beijing trip is solely for work cum Wang Lee Hom. If not for work/Lee Hom, I don't think I'll go to Beijing again (after spending 3 wks in Beijing and 2 wks in other parts of China 6 yrs ago on a school immersion trip...u get wat i mean...haha...)

Anyway, here goes! =)

taken right after e precious 10-min exclusive interview for YES933...

taken b4 e interview while waiting...

nice cheap japanese lunch buffet! all-u-can-eat for oni S$20!!! sashimi inclusive!!! (btw she's e nice SonyBMG promo exec who went wif me...cynthia...thanks!)

i tried the special fizzy drink with whipped cream! not bad lah...but e poster is nicer...very nan de...must take pix!