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Monday, April 30, 2007

Jazz By The Beach

finally a day to relax...had been feeling down lately...but thanks to all e frens who offered me words of advice and encouragement...really appreciate it. =)

anyway, yup, went to Jazz By The Beach @ Siloso Beach wif my frens n we really had fun there! The drummer is Louis Soliano...won Best Drummer in the 70s when most of us weren't even born yet (oops)...the guy on the keyboard is the renowned Redwan Ali. Tried the luge and skyride as well! But of cos, no pix for tat...haha...

P.S. The next Jazz By The Beach will be in Sept. U'll see me there then. Tata! =)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Good Movie Made My Day!

i've been so busy lately...actually not juz me, almost every colleague has been very busy recently...esp wif the radio drama...we have four radio dramas over 933...2 has been broadcast and have received rave reviews. thanks for supporting! we have 2 more coming up...mine's e 4th and e final story for this season. it's definitely challenging and fun...but time-consuming! that's y i've been bz...haha!!! and i'm been forcing myself to follow my work schedule religiously cos we all noe how procrastination can screw up our originally-nicely-planned schedule. =Z

somehow i'm glad i have my salsa lesson to look forward to every week...yup, i've started taking proper salsa lessons after my performance for the bday bash...it's really fun and most imptly, it gives me joy. do try it if u have e opportunity...hehe...i've been psycho-ing every single fren to take salsa so that we can all dance together in e near future. it doesn't matter how well u dance, the point is to ENJOY every moment and SMILE. =)

caught this Korean movie over e wkn. "200 Pounds Beauty". i'm usually not a fan of Korean movies or drama...but i love comedies! Thus, my fren and i decided to give this movie a shot! and we nv regretted it! the movie is lovely with the beautiful cast (e female lead looks like Vivian Hsu when she cries!), hilarious bits and touching storyline...

i rarely recommend movies to frens cos it's not easy to find one that's worth doing so, but "200 Pounds Beauty" is really worth it. Go catch the movie if u can. U wun regret it. =)

P.S. After watching the movie, i hope u wun have e urge to go under the knife. But perhaps like me, u'll have the urge to cut down on carbos and do some proper workout to lose some fat. haha!

Sunday, April 01, 2007


i finally spent e day tidying up my room...my room was at its neatest during CNY...and usually e most messy b4 and during the annual shift change in March.

So u can imagine my room was only neat and tidy for a couple of weeks b4 it OFFICIALLY turned into a pigsty for e past 4 weeks...haha!

and since i came back from tokyo, i dun seem to have e time to tidy up and pack my stuff...so this wkn, finally finally finally, i have some time to myself and to finish up my chores...

and i FINALLY got myself a garment steamer last night! $200+++....but well, it does lighten my ironing load a bit...

haven had e time to blog last mth cos other than preparing for my 一周好萧遥 shift, there were so many things on my mind...

i have thoughts to share but dunno how to start...so many things on my mind which there'll be no conclusion on...

but well, basically, i realise that 人生最难的习题就是人与人之间的关系。