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Friday, July 17, 2009

My Salsa Feature in I-Weekly!

pai say...=P dun have scanner...took these wif my camera phone...hehe...(got food recipe for u somemore...haha...)

(esp. for yvonne who's in aust and can't get to see me in action!)

if u love salsa, here's e website for u...http://www.dance-en-motion.com

i go there for salsa and soon, i'll be moving on to intermediate class! *fingers crossed*

btw if u r REALLY interested, salsa is not that tough...definitely manageable for most ppl...=)

thanks to my instructor gary, and meiwen and ealbert from i-weekly for the nice article and pix! =)

Yum Yum (Again)!! =)

As you know, i rarely snack. i dun have a sweet tooth and i dun c any nutritional value in snacks.

somemore, i'm sup to exercise more from now on...hehe...anyway, though i already seldom consume cold food, i'm gonna try to cut down some more...healthier mah...

but before cutting down, check out my latest indulgence! =)

watermelon sundae!! (forgot wat it was originally called...was deciding btw green tea flavour and watermelon...figured out watermelon tastes less sweet...$7.90 after 10% discount...) actually not bad leh...i like watermelon...我的美人!(ya, 叶素梅joke...i still vaguely rem the drama k? hehe...)

Friday, July 03, 2009

"The Perfect Wife"

quite crappy in modern society. women! fight our own rights! yeah!