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Saturday, October 17, 2009

My New Beauty Blog - SweetBeautyDelights!!

I've always been madly in love with beauty info/products. It was especially evident when I started doing 《就是爱美丽》"Beauty Emily" on YES933! I could spend hours looking for useful beauty tips and I was especially glad when ppl emailed/smsed me and even left comments on my blog to ask me more abt it!

That was when I tot, "hey, why not a beauty blog to collate my 爱美丽 tips and to share my experience"? Does salt really work to reduce the tummy? Does baking soda really remove blackheads effectively? If you have tried, I would like to hear from u! Not only can I share wif u my personal tips, u can aso share wif me on what works for u...oh my, isn't tat great?! MUAHAHAHA!

After a period of planning, I moved on to execute my idea. A tech idiot like me could actually figure out how to set up a 像样 blog all by myself. It was quite tough. But I really do feel happy that I'm ready to embark on something new and challenging. =)

May I have the honour to share wif u? Jiahui's very own BEAUTY BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All the useful 爱美丽 tips and an update of the latest beauty info! What make-up launches have I been to? What's new in the market? What products would u recommend? Which products work and which doesn't?

I really really do hope that u can give me ur greatest support! Pls share wif all ur frens of this beauty blog and let me noe wat u think ok?

And gals, pls pls pls, all r welcome to leave comments and share/ask abt any beauty-related tips/topics! Let's have fun!


P.S. very very soon, i'll post beauty blog entries oni on http://www.sweetbeautydelights.wordpress.com. so do bookmark my beauty blog on ur computer k? Arigatou! =)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Majolica Majorca!

Had a lovely surprise from Majolica Majorca this morn!

isn't this cute?! a miniature dressing table with Majolica Majorca's lip gloss, mascara and eye liner! thanks to the MJ team! =)

Majolica Majorca is celebrating its 1st anniversary and is bringing its exclusive dollhouses to Singapore!

See the different Majolica Majorca dolls frolicking in the Garden to Eden, playing amongst cobwebs. birdcages, and chandeliers...

See the juxtaposition of the human/dolls in the pix...=)

a complete look at one of the dollhouses...

u can go to Watson's @ Ngee Ann City to take a look at the dollhouses and experience the magical realm of the 8 different chapters...u can even vote for ur fav dollhouse chapter! Whether u like the eden theme(personally i prefer this one =P), or other themes, as long as u vote, u'll receive a MJ limited edition hp charm and even stand to win a $100 MJ Hamper! Sounds good eh? =)

share wif some other pix which i like...

have fun! =)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009




花了$11.80点了我最爱的cheesecake和一杯caramel frappucino (without whipped cream of cos),就这样过了一段写意时光。。。很久没这样了。。。好开心哦。。。

My Wrist!



what happened? i was at a japanese restaurant last last sun...had paper hotpot...the big piece of paper was covering the circumference of the pot...i stretched out my hand to take something in front of the pot...and AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bought "BURNAID" from WATSON'S immediately after dinner...it soothed the pain, but after applying for 2 days, the wound was still quite bad - with blister and pus.

(my phone doesn't have optical zoom for the camera function, so it's not very clear here...but it looks quite disgusting after 2 days actually...)

Went to a GP last wed and kept on applying the cream 3 times a day for 1 wk...but the centre of the wound was still red. First degree burn at the two ends, and second degree burn in the centre. Worried. Went to see a specialist at orchard paragon yest...and spent over $100 on these...

Antibiotics to be taken orally for 3 days cos the wound seems to be infected...saline to wash the wound (tap water has more bacteria), cream for the wound once a day, after which i should paste the skin-colour tape on it, and then use the bandage to wrap around the wrist so that the tape will stay...

i've been refraining from my fav prawns for quite some time...argh. bo bian. (but pls pls dun leave a comment saying "poor thing"...i really dislike tat phrase leh~) =P hope i can recover soon!