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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Her World Shoot!

Finally got new pix again! =P Sorry for e wait!

Did a photoshoot for Her World yesterday...It's a one-page feature of me in the upcoming April issue! so pls pls support k?? hehe...

got my poly fren to accompany me to the photoshoot and she took some pix of me at work! Check it out YO YO YO!!!

i'm standing on a chair...cos they need to capture e best scenery wif lotsa greenery...

very strong wind! messy hair! but i kinda like e feel of this pic...=)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Friend's Wedding!

Time flies! it's been quite some time since i graduated from Ngee Ann Poly Mass Comm!

Was back in my alma mater to cover the Open House last week for work...and i kinda realised i missed school...life in Mass Comm hasn't been easy for those 3 yrs...rushing to meet deadlines, etc...(oni those who have been thru it all will truly understand the experience in Mass Comm). but all in all, those 3 yrs are fond memories. I LUV MY POLY DAYS!!! =)

and i can't believe those years have passed by so quickly and there i was, attending my poly mate's wedding on Sunday night!!! I feel so "mature" already lor...!!! =Z

The wedding was at Sentosa Shangri-La...quite inaccessible lah...cos gotta take shuttle bus into Sentosa. But it was great seeing my poly mates again! Like i've said, time flies!!! (but wah, fly slower can?!)

Check out my Yr 1 poly mates!!!